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Reading Cats and Dogs: A Conversation with Lili Chin, Sassafras Lowrey, and Zazie Todd

Join three of the coolest and most-trusted companion animal authors as they talk about their writing, share tips, and read from their books.  By Zazie Todd PhD

Fellow Creatures: Serving Up Truth Sandwiches about Dogs and Cats

I've got a new post on my Psych Today blog, Fellow Creatures. Anush Barwa/Unsplash By Zazie Todd, PhD

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club February 2022

"Come for the fables and stay for the behavioral research in this jam-packed but delightful collection"--Scientific American.

The Best Cat Training Treats

Finding the right food reinforcement for training cats to like their carrier or do tricks. Want to train your cat to like their carrier? The right treats will help. Photo: Konrad Mostert/Shutterstock

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