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Companion Animal Psychology News December 2019

Ancient art, ‘aha’ moments in dogs, and caring for indoors-only cats…

By Zazie Todd, PhD
My Favourites This Month “In the story told in the scene, eight figures approach wild pigs and anoas (dwarf buffaloes native to Sulawesi). For whoever painted these figures, they represented much more than ordinary human hunters.“ Indonesian cave’s mythical beings may be oldest imaginative art by humans, by Becky Ferreira.

“Here are some stories that raise interesting questions about why dogs do what they do and what they're thinking about and feeling.” As dogs have ‘Aha’ moments, what’s happening in their brains? by Dr. Marc Bekoff.

“Shockingly, nearly half of the subjects (41%) did not believe that fish were made of meat.” The vegetarian’s dilemma: Do fish qualify as meat? by Dr. Hal Herzog.

“If only there were some way to really talk to our pets, to know what they really want, and for them to know just how much you love them.“ Can that dog on Instagram really talk? by Jane Hu.

“We know that …

You Can Now Pre-Order My Book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy

I am so excited to share the news that my book is available for pre-order now.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

Want to make your dog even happier? Excited to learn more about dogs? Looking for practical tips to build a better relationship with your dog? Then Wag is for you!

I am thrilled to be able to share with you that my book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, with a foreword by Dr. Marty Becker, is now available for pre-order.

It will be published on 10th March 2020 in the US and Canada, and on 12th March 2020 in the UK.

Today is exactly three months until publication day! I've been working on this book for years, and I am so excited that soon I will be able to share it with you.

If you would like to pre-order Wag, you can do so via these links:

From Amazon
From Indiebound (your local independent book store)
From Indigo
From Barnes and Noble
From Black Bond Books
From Blackwells (UK)

If you prefer to read books via your local library, you can ask them to pre-order a copy.

If you are a jou…

Christmas Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and People Who Love Their Pets

A guide to artisan Christmas gifts with a pet-related theme.

Looking for Christmas gifts for your dog, cat, or a friend who loves animals? Here are my picks for the best handmade artisan gifts from Etsy.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

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Top photo, clockwise from top left:
Christmas Lights dog collar from Goober Dog Collars
Limited edition gold metallic dog bed from Lion and Wolf
Cat bed with ears from Agnes Felt
Catnip Snowman cat toy from Small  Wonders Art

Above, clockwise from top left:
Fluffy pet bed from My Fur Baby Designs
Christmas dog and cat bandana from Maddies Dog Boutique
Catnip kicker toy from Janery Pet Beds
Natural rope tug toy from Betty Woof

Above, clockwise from top left:
Sterling silver cat necklace from The Wren and Rabbit
Leaping bunny rabbit trinket dish from NeNe & Bop
Personalized dog paw necklace from Charm Philosophy
Cats tote bag from Doggie Drawings
Heart made of paws t-shirt for men and women

See more gifts for pets and pet lovers on Etsy.


Animal Lovers’ Favourite Books of 2019

Animal lovers and blog readers share their favourite animal book that they read in 2019.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

I asked Companion Animal Psychology readers and other animal lovers to tell me about the book about animals they most loved in 2019. The book did not have to be published this year, just that they read it during this year. Here are their picks! You can find these books (and other reading recommendations) in my Amazon store:

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Bonnie Hartney, Ocean Park Dog Training
A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans

“What makes this book so intriguing is the uncharacteristic behaviour of a black wolf in Juno, Alaska.  Drawn out of the wild expanse, Romeo becomes a local celebrity with his reported love of playing with pet dogs and lack of concern for people.

It is a story of ethical questions and conflict.  Is it right to befriend a wild animal? At what point does safety of community and small animals take precedence over t…

Puppies Raised in a Home are Better Prepared for Life as a Pet

The environment in which puppies are raised makes a difference to their behaviour, new study shows.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

Anyone getting a puppy is urged to check carefully where they come from. Puppies have a sensitive period for socialization during which a wide range of positive experiences help to set them up for later life. Since puppies begin the sensitive period at 3 weeks, but typically go home at 8 weeks, the breeder is responsible for the early stages of socialization. New research in press in Applied Animal Behaviour Science looks at the effects of raising puppies in the house compared to in an outdoor kennel.

The results show that puppies raised in a house are more self-confident and less likely to show aggression due to fear. In short, they are likely to make better pets and be friendlier dogs.

The scientists say this is because puppies raised in the home experience more socialization with people and are habituated to a greater number of noises, household objects, and other e…

Animal Book Club December 2019

"The astonishing true story of one of the first wolves to roam Yellowstone in more than 60 years."

By Zazie Todd, PhD

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In December, the Animal Book Club is reading The Rise of Wolf 8: Witnessing the Triumph of Yellowstone's Underdog by Rick McIntyre with a foreword by Robert Redford.

From the book's description,
"Yellowstone National Park was once home to an abundance of wild wolves―but park rangers killed the last of their kind in the 1920s. Decades later, the rangers brought them back, with the first wolves arriving from Canada in 1995.  This is the incredible true story of one of those wolves.  Wolf 8 struggles at first―he is smaller than the other pups, and often bullied―but soon he bonds with an alpha female whose mate was shot. An unusually young alpha male, barely a teenager in human years, Wolf 8 rises to the occasion, hunting skillfully, and even defending his family from the wolf who killed his father. But soon he face…