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I’m Zazie, author of Companion Animal Psychology. If you love pets, you’re in the right place. Even better if you also love science and care about animal welfare.

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Cats are wonderful creatures. When we understand them, we can use that information to make them happier. Here are five things to do for your cat today - and a bonus one to work on over time. 

A user-friendly guide to everything you need to know about positive reinforcement. 
Especially for anyone who is new to dogs or new to dog training.

The many ways we can improve our cat's lives

The best treats to use in dog training

Want to know which are the best treats to use in dog training?
This guide tells you what to consider and lists my favourites
(with recipes for home-made treats too)

“Owners should avoid stroking near the tail. Instead they should stroke the face, especially in the areas where the scent glands are.”

New Reader? Start here. Photo shows thoughtful dog.

Why punishment is the wrong approach to house training, and how you should house train your puppy instead.

“Because dogs are family, and our furry family members need love, training and walkies, not dominance”

“When cats scratch the furniture, their owners get annoyed. But it turns out many people are providing the wrong kind of scratching posts. Here's what cats prefer.”

“The importance of a critical period for socialization is hard to overestimate,” says Jean Donaldson.
You've heard that puppies need to be socialized, but have you ever wondered how we know?

“When walks are limited these ideas will help you tire out your dog.”

"Try to ensure that your dog or cat (or rabbit or...) has the opportunity to make choices."

How to help your pet with visits to the veterinarian

Essential tips for better vet visits.

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Zazie Todd, PhD, is the author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy. She is the founder of the popular blog Companion Animal Psychology, where she writes about everything from training methods to the human-canine relationship. She also writes a column for Psychology Today and has received the prestigious Captain Haggerty Award for Best Training Article in 2017. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband and two cats.

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