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The Companion Animal Psychology Posts of the Year 2021

The top posts of the year and a couple of things to look forward to in 2022 Photo: Ivanova N/Shutterstock

Season's Greetings

 Season's Greetings from Companion Animal Psychology Photo: Roman Valyaev/Shutterstock

If You Think Your Pet's a Jerk, Think Again

Pets aren't little people, so if you're going to apply labels like that, ask yourself these questions first. They're often the first step in solving behaviour issues in dogs and cats. New Africa/Shutterstock

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club December 2021

"This book is an evolutionary thought experiment--untestable, informative and great fun."--David P. Barash. 

The 2021 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

My picks of artisan gifts from Etsy for dogs, cats, and their people.  From snuffle mats to cat sampler toys and pet beds, this artisan gift guide has you covered.

An Interview with Victoria Shroff about Canadian Animal Law

"Wow, this used to be theory and now we’re actually seeing it in practice.” Pioneering Canadian lawyer Victoria Shroff on her book, Canadian Animal Law. By Zazie Todd, PhD.

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