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What Do Dogs Want? Social Choices and Varied Breeding for Better Welfare

A comparison with village dogs highlights some of the ways that pet dogs’ lives could be improved. Photo: Lim Tiaw Leong/Shutterstock

How to Counter Misinformation about Dog Training and Cat Behaviour with Truth Sandwiches (PPiC3)

The Pawsitive Post in Conversation with Zazie Todd and Kristi Benson making some truth sandwiches about cats and dogs.

Guest Post: The Magic of Management in Dog Training

 I wrote a guest post for the Academy for Dog Trainers about the magic of management in dog training. By Zazie Todd PhD

David and Patrick's Fairy-Tale Land of Kindness Could Be Our Gift To Dogs

A dog trainer’s reflections on acceptance, cultural change, and letting dogs be dogs. #CAP10 Photo: thka/Shutterstock

Invitation to Join the Purr Party

Your invitation to join The Purr Party with behind-the-scenes access to my book launch.

The Top Companion Animal Psychology Posts Over 10 Years

The most popular posts about dog and cat behaviour from ten years of Companion Animal Psychology . #CAP10 Photo: xkunclova/Shutterstock

What’s Changed For Pets—And What Still Needs to Change? (PPiC Ep4)

The Pawsitive Post in Conversation with special guest Jean Donaldson as part of Companion Animal Psychology ’s tenth anniversary celebrations. #CAP10 By Zazie Todd PhD

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club April 2022

“I dare you to read this book and tell me that racial justice isn’t important in animal advocacy.” -- Dolores Huerta.

Upcoming Events at The Pawsitive Post

The webinars and journal club that are happening for Pawsitive Post subscribers over the next few months.

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