Zazie Todd in the News

Media mentions for Companion Animal Psychology and Zazie Todd, PhD.


Arlene Bynon Show, Sirius XM, 18 October 2019.

Food rewards: Way to a dog's heart IS through its stomach, Washington Post, 1st October 2019 (and many other news outlets as it's an AP story).

Best pet blogs pet parents can find on the internet, Cyberpet, 26 August 2019.

Should you take your dog to the dog park? The answer may surprise you, This Dog's Life, 2 Aug 2019.

Curiosity with Zazie Todd, PhD, Unleashed (at home and at work) podcast with Colleen Pelar, 1 Aug 2019.

Good audiobooks to listen to while walking with dogs: An occasional series,, 17 July 2019.

Coming Spring 2020 - Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, Greystone Books, 18 June 2019.

How to raise a  healthy and happy dog, Pawstruck, 18 June 2019.

How to pet a dog the right way, Mother Nature Network, 6 June 2019.

"Bad dog?" The psychology of using positive reinforcement, Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 6 June 2019.

Nose work is scentsational for dogs, Fear Free Happy Homes, 27 May 2019.

Worried about using food during training?, Kelly Ballantyne at AVSAB blog, 19 May 2019; reprinted from Insightful Animals.

Should dogs be shocked, choked or pronged?, Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 25 Apr 2019; also reprinted at The Bark.

Is your dog asking for personal space?, Educanine, 25 Apr 2019

Adorable cats looking out of window cause this lady late to work, Feed Me Malaysia, 23 Apr 2019

For a healthier life, don't let your pet get overweight, BARKS blog, 14 Apr 2019

Understanding the canine mind, Happy Paws magazine, Spring/Summer 2019

The best dog toys,

Study conducted on verbal processing and how dogs understand humans, Advocate-Messenger News, 26 March 2019

The responsible pet owner’s checklist for taking care of a pet, PetMD, 19 March 2019

240 badass female bloggers of 2019, Lady Boss Blogger, 15 March 2019

Why some dogs like to be touched but others don’t, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 2 March 2019

Being touched is fine for some dogs, but not for others Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 2 Mar 2019

11 ways to take care of your dog as it gets older, Bustle, March 2019

Do anxious owners make for anxious dogs?, National Geographic (and translated for other national versions of the website), 1 March 2019

A reflection on dangerous dogs, breed specific legislation, dog bites and shelters, Woof Like to Meet, 17 Feb 2019

Ethical views on the use and abuse of animals, Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 8 Feb 2019

Allowing dogs to sniff helps them think positively, Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 7 Feb 2019

Barriers to the adoption of humane dog training, podcast with Bravo Dog, 5 Feb 2019

How to keep your cat from destructive scratching, Lincoln Pet Culture, 4 Feb 2019

Should you ignore your dog when leaving the house?, Fear Free Happy Homes, 28 Jan 2019

For good cat-dog relationships, focus on the cat, Fear Free Pets

Worried about using food during training?, Insightful Animals, 28 Jan 2019

Four cat enrichment groups on Facebook, Lincoln Pet Culture, 16 Jan 2019

Can cats and dogs get along? Science says yes, Fear Free Happy Homes, 14 Jan 2019


Partnering with the veterinary community, BARKS blog, 14 Dec 2018

Tick tock understanding your pet’s inner clock, Rock n Roll Dogs, 5 Dec 2018

Don’t read my blog – read theirs instead, Behavior Matters Academy, 29 Nov 2018

Anthony Clavane: The tendency is to see Neil, Marr and Humphrys as grumpy old men.. But it reeks of double standards. Yorkshire Post, 23 Nov 2018

Should you say goodbye to your dog before you leave them?, Marc Bekoff at Psychology Today, 30 Sep 2018

Psychologist tells us what pets want from their owners, Animal Radio, 22 Sep 2018

Psicologia canina: dobbiamo salutare il cane prima di uscire di casa?, Ammore a quattro zampe

Blog will  help you, your dog, enjoy life, Albuquerque Journal, 31 Aug 2018

Dr. Zazie Todd: Eight tips to help fearful dogs feel safe, A Positive Connection, 21 Aug 2018

Reading list for dog owners, BARKS blog, 14 Aug 2018

Pet psychology, Radio New Zealand, 14 Aug 2018

Ever wonder how your dog sees the world? Read this, NDTV, 30 July 2018

Your dog wants you to check out this blog so you both will get more enjoyment in life, Seattle Times, 29 July 2018

Your dog and cat wish they could tell you this, Washington Post, 27 July 2018

How the ‘cat lady’ trope came to be, Huffington Post, 19 July 2018

Things to consider before buying a puppy, Fupping, 15 July 2018

Is What the Fluff? cruel to pups?, Slate, 13 July 2018

Dog smarts: The science of what they think about and know,  Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 3 Jul 2018

Is it time to ban shock collars for dogs in all situations?, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 22 Jun 2018

If you won’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?, Science Borealis, 22 May 2018

Choosing a dog training method, Underdog’s Triumph, 29 April 2018

What a dog geneticist wants you to know about dog genetics, Scientific American DogSpies, 25 Apr 2018

Dogs’ noses in the news: Scent reduces stress in shelters,  Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 21 Apr 2018

Canine Confidential: Why dogs do what they do, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 11 Apr 2018

It’s National Puppy Day so give them all the love you can,  Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 23 Mar 2018

Thunderphobia in dogs, BARKS blog, 13 Mar 2018

The Current, CBC Radio, 5 Mar 2018

Dogs of all ages need to be challenged: Use it or lose it, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 1 Feb 2018

This year, make the world better for dogs, Scientific American DogSpies, 1 Feb 2018

How to find a dog trainer you can trust with your pup, Inquisitive Canine, 8 Jan 2018

The Animals and Us year in review, Hal Herzog, Psychology Today, 5 Jan 2018


How to make the world better for nonhuman animals, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 17 Dec 2019

How to give dogs the best lives possible in a human world, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 8 Dec 2017

Why do food rewards win, but not for separation anxiety?, BARKS blog, 4 Dec 2017

Giving puppies extra socialization is beneficial for them, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 1 Dec 2017

Turns out you can teach an old cat new tricks, Lifehacker, 5 Oct 2017

Interview with Zazie Todd, Companion Animal Psychology, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, 18 Jul 2017

When pets hear, “It’s Your Choice”, Scientific American DogSpies, 15 Jun 2017

How to make happy dogs even happier, Your Family Dog podcast, 16 May 2017

When humans speak dog, Heal to Howl, 28 Feb 2017

Dogs: love, rejection, dominance, training, and breeding, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 16 Feb 2017

Why people buy dogs who they know will suffer and die young, Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today, 25 Feb 2017


Hot dogs offer window into canine emotions, Scientific American DogSpies, 31 Oct 2016

Cats would like you to know they are open to training, Scientific American DogSpies, 15 Jun 2016

Local blog celebrates fourth anniversary, Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows Times, 23 April 2016

Featured Blog: Companion Animal Psychology, Science Borealis, 29 Feb 2016

Australian study reveals challenges, pitfalls, of evaluating dog behavior in shelters, Maddies Fund Chew on This, 2 Feb 2016


Not all "choices" are equal, Eileenanddogs, 19 Jun 2015

Can dog bite prevention actually prevent dog bites?, Scientific  American DogSpies, 14 Jun 2015

Really, canine science is open access, Scientific American DogSpies, 28 April 2015

We surrender our dogs. Help scientists understand why, Scientific American DogSpies, 21 Jan 2015

Fallout from the use of aversives, Eileenanddogs


It’s not you, it’s me: If a dog won’t play with you it could be your fault, Scientific American DogSpies, 31 Dec 2014

28 Santa-approved dog science articles, Scientific American DogSpies, 25 Dec 2014

What influences dog owners to pick up after their pets?, Big Think, 21 Dec 2014

Researchers confirm dogs like to work for their treats, Dog Time

Clever Boy! Dogs prefer to earn treats by solving problems, rather than receiving handouts, The Daily Mail, 12 Jun 2014

Dog-eared reading (June 2014), Scientific American DogSpies, 30 Jun 2014

Four things humans do that dogs love, Kristi Benson Dog Training, 20 Apr 2014

February Dog Round-up  (Brains, an Identity Crisis, Undrinkables and More), Scientific American DogSpies, 28 Feb 2014


A fascinating difference between pet dogs and tame wolves, io9, 23 Sep 2013

One in 10 adopted pets is lost or returned after six months, Smithsonian Magazine, 14 Jun 2013

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