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Fellow Creatures: 2 Ways to Make Your Cat (Even) Happier

I've got a new post on my Fellow Creatures blog at Psychology Today. Ian Livesey/Shutterstock

My Piece at BBC Science Focus on Cat Books

I've written a piece for BBC Science Focus magazine. Photo: Fabio Lamanna/Shutterstock

The Science of Making Your Cat Happy Event at Hub City Bookshop

On 7th June, Hub City Bookshop is hosting me for an event about the science of making your cat happy. By Zazie Todd PhD Join me for a conversation about my new book Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy . This event takes place on Tuesday June 7th from 6pm to 7pm Eastern time (that's 3pm to 4pm for those on Pacific time like me). Come and join in the conversation and ask me questions about the special cats in your life. This event is free but registration is required. You can also get your copy of Purr from Hub City Bookshop. Details are here .  Get Companion Animal Psychology in your inbox.

The Real Meaning of Respect in Dog Training

What dogs teach us about our relationship with them — and others. Photo: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

Fellow Creatures: Pet Cats Know Their Fellow Cats Names

I've got a new post on my Psych Today blog, Fellow Creatures . It looks at some new research that finds pet cats know the names of other cats in their household. Kari Shea/Shutterstock

Memorials Help Us Cope With the Loss of a Pet

Making memories while they are still here, remembering pets after they are gone, and disenfranchised grief. Photo: Enna8982/Shutterstock

Fellow Creatures: Common Misconceptions about Cats

A new post on my Psych Today blog Fellow Creatures looks at some common misconceptions about cats. Photo: Krysten Merriman/Pexels

Why Did My Cat Attack Me, and Other Important Cat Questions

Why did my cat attack me? I answer this - and other important cat questions - for Breakfast Television .

The Slow Blink, Litter Boxes, and Why You Shouldn't Punish Cats

What does a cat's slow blink mean, and should we slow blink to our pet cats? I explain to CTV's Your Morning . 

Answering Questions About Cats for Global TV

In two recent TV appearances, I answered some common questions about cats.

Pub Date (Purr Day?) for Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy

Get tips for an even happier cat in my book, Purr , published today. By Zazie Todd PhD

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club May 2022

"The book brims with Roach’s irreverent humor, which particularly shines when she experiences human-animal conflict firsthand... A blend of modern science and history, with Roach’s flair for spotting hidden absurdities... As another entry in Roach’s canon of books, Fuzz stands tall (and hairy), educating as much as it entertains."― Bethany Brookshire, Science News .

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