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Zazie Todd, PhD, is an animal behaviour expert and award-winning writer. She is at the forefront of the move towards positive animal welfare and kind, humane dog training methods. Todd's highly-anticipated third book, Bark! The Science of Helping Your Anxious, Fearful, or Reactive Dog is available for pre-order now.

The cover of Bark! The Science of Helping Your Anxious, Fearful, or Reactive Dog is blue and features a Chihuahua

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Pre-order Bark! now from Greystone Books   from Amazon    from other retailers   from Scribe (Australia)

Bark! will be published in October 2024. For media inquiries please contact Sydney Marchand at Greystone Books (sydney dot marchand at greystone books dot com).

Text reads Bark! Fest the book festival for animal lovers. Blue background with a photo of a nervous Chihuahua
Bark! Fest, the book festival for animal lovers, takes place in September 2024. Details coming soon. 

Zazie Todd with her late Australian Shepherd Bodger and the covers of her first 2 books Wag and Purr

Zazie Todd's first 2 books, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy, are available from all good bookstores.

Get Purr from Greystone Books    from Amazon    from other retailers  

Get Wag from Greystone Books    from Amazon    from other retailers 

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