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CAP10: Dog Training and Behaviour Advice From The Experts

Top tips on reward-based training and caring for dogs of all ages from the experts in dog training and behaviour.  Photo: lightman_pic/Shutterstock By Zazie Todd PhD

Manners, Cues, Management, and the Language of a Better Relationship with Dogs

Changing language reflects a changing relationship with dogs. Photo: Olgo Popko/Shutterstock By Zazie Todd PhD

Pets' Names: How We Choose Them, How We Use Them, and How to Change Them

The Pawsitive Post in Conversation (Episode 5) with Zazie Todd and Kristi Benson talking about about the names we give our pets. By Zazie Todd PhD

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2022

“ Purr is cat-centered, so much that it feels like a very smart cat wrote it! Starting with the most recent scientific findings, Zazie Todd explains with clarity what cats enjoy, what is good for their well-being, and how we can build a strong reciprocal bond with them. Indispensable reading.”--Dr. Carlo Siracusa.

Reading Cats and Dogs: The Recording

Watch the recording of this popular event with Zazie Todd, Lili Chin, and Sassafras Lowrey in conversation with Kristi Benson.

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