Let Them Sniff and Early Socialization

Two recent posts considered how to make the world better for dogs and how to make the world better for cats. An incredible set of experts gave their answers to the questions, with wonderful ideas for a better world for our animals.

I am making images for each answer to share on social media.

A dalmatian sniffs the snowy grass

These are the first two. I am working my way through in somewhat random order (not truly random because if I happen to see a photo that will just go with a particular text, I'll run with it). I am sharing them here for those who do not follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

A 5-6 week old foster kitten reaches out for a toy

Of course, you can read the posts in full and see the texts from which these quotes are taken: how to make the world better for dogs and how to make the world better for cats.

How to make the world better for cats has also been translated into Japanese for the website the-mal.com. If you have Japanese friends who you think will like it, please share it with them. Thank you to Saramu Momma MSc and Risa Yoshida for the translation.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your families good health, happiness and peace in 2018!

This terrier in the snow wishes you a Happy New Year 2018 from Companion Animal Psychology

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