Companion Animal Psychology Turns Three!

Companion Animal Psychology is three years old

By Zazie Todd, PhD

It’s three years since I started this blog. There’s been a post (almost) every week since – this is post number 156. I’ve covered topics as diverse as how to stroke a cat, an animal's right to walk away, issues with the use of shock collars, what young children learn from pets, and the meaning of pets to homeless youth. Highlights of the last year include an interview with Mia Cobb about her research on working dogs, and our most-read post of all time, Do dogs get that Eureka! feeling

At the heart of it all is a fascination with the human-animal bond, and a concern for the welfare of humans and their companion animals. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post, please sign up to follow by email via the box in the top right.

One of the things that makes it all worthwhile is connecting with you, the reader, whether that’s directly through the blog or via social media. Thank you to all of you for your tweets, likes, comments and shares! 

We'll be celebrating with a glass of wine tonight. Whatever your beverage, cheers! 

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