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Mark Bekoff PhD

"Bad dog?" The psychology and importance of using positive reinforcement.
Guest post from Dr Marc Bekoff

Kristi Benson CTC

Special Correspondent to Companion Animal Psychology

Into the middle of things: Dog training lessons from the best fiction.
Guest posts by Kristi Benson at Companion Animal Psychology. Photo shows happy dog.

Did we evolve to love dogs?
A woman and her dog in a meadow

Digging into our common ground with dogs.
Thumbnail of dog digging in sandy beach

Georgina (Gina) Bishopp

Do dogs use body language to calm us down?
A stressed dog licks its lips - is it a calming signal tous?

The importance of science in horse training.
The importance of science in horse training by Georgina (Gina) Bishopp

Luisa Dormer and Sienna Taylor

Scent and scent-ability

Jane Gething-Lewis

Dearly-departed dogs.
Dearly-departed dogs by Jane Gething-Lewis

Christian Nawroth, PhD

Despite all the media fuzz, goats are not the new dogs.
Guest posts on goats at Companion Animal Psychology, photo shows 2 goats

James Oxley and Clare Ellis

Are rabbits lagging behind in basic pet care practices?
Are rabbits lagging... by James Oxley and Clare Ellis

Nickala Squire CTC

Why you should never train a dog to come when called using a shock collar.

Sienna Taylor and John Binks

Beating the boredom blues: sniffing out new opportunities for dogs.

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