Fellow Creatures: Getting Help with Cat Behaviour

My new post at Psychology Today looks at how to get help with your cat's behaviour issues.

A cat lies on its side with paws up, relaxing
Photo: Francesco Ungaro/Pexels

By Zazie Todd PhD

We all love our pet cats, but even though all cats are perfect, it's pretty common for people to have issues with their behaviour. Whether it's scratching the furniture, toileting outside of the box, or not getting on with other pets in the home, it can be hard for you to deal with--and it's often a sign that something is not right for your kitty.

My latest post at my Psychology Today blog Fellow Creatures answers the question, How can I get help with my cat's behaviour issues?

It includes some tips on when to see your veterinarian, how to think about your cat's environment and whether any changes might help, and where to go if you need additional help.

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