Companion Animal Psychology Book Club March 2024

"Ever wondered why your cat won't sit on your lap?"

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By Zazie Todd PhD

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This month, the Animal Book Club is reading Being Your Cat: What's Really Going On In Your Feline's Mind by Celia Haddon and Prof. Daniel Mills FRCVS. 

From the publisher:

"Prepare to enter the mind of your cat and revolutionise the way you see the world and your enigmatic pet.

Bestselling cat author Celia Haddon and veterinary expert Dr Daniel Mills take you into the mind of your feline and, drawing on the latest scientific research, describe how your cat experiences the world. This is a unique book drawing on a wealth of veterinary science and studies, which relays those findings in a way that will amuse and delight owners. By placing you in the mind of your cat you will know what it's like physically, empirically, psychologically and emotionally to be your cat.

Being Your Cat will fascinate and surprise those who wish to know the secret world of cats and reveals how their experiences don't always stray far from our own."

Being Your Cat is available from all good bookstores and my Amazon store.

The cover of the book Being Your Cat

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"What is it like to see the world through your cat's eyes..?"

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