Genius Dogs and Talking Dogs, Jumping Up Dogs and Housetraining (PPiC Ep1)

In the very first episode of The Pawsitive Post in Conversation, Zazie and Kristi talk about genius dogs and talking dogs, as well as dogs jumping up and housetraining.

Kristi Benson (left) and Zazie Todd chat in the first episode of The Pawsitive Post in Conversation

By Zazie Todd PhD

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Show Notes

We chat about the Genius Dog Challenge, where scientists are finding dogs who know a lot of words, and Stella the dog who learned to use buttons to communicate. We also talk about the words and behaviours our own dogs and cats know--and the behaviours we think are important for every pet to know.

Kristi tells us about her courses for people who need help with their dog jumping up or housetraining.

And finally we chat about the books we're reading.

Youtube video about the Genius Dog Challenge    

Stella the dog learned to 'talk' and she will change the way you think about pets 

Muggins--the Red Cross canine mascot in Victoria Harbour

The books mentioned

How Stella Learned to Talk: The Groundbreaking Story of the World’s First Talking Dog by Christina Hunger

Wit’s End: What Wit Is, How It Works, and Why We Need It by James Geary

Dogopolis: How Dogs and Humans Made Modern New York, London, and Paris by Chris Pearson

Muggins: The Life and Afterlife of a Canadian Canine War Hero by Grant Hayter-Menzies

Writers and Lovers: A Novel by Lily King

Zazie Todd’s next book is called Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy and will publish on May 3rd 2022. 

Details of Kristi Benson’s courses

From Mess to Success: House training dogs can be tough going, and some dogs need extra help. If you’re struggling with this, you’re not alone! House training takes patience, consistency, and good habits, and the use of positive reinforcement training. In Special Correspondent Kristi Benson’s online learning course, you’ll get all the help you need to set realistic expectations and create and stick to a schedule that works for you and your dog. This course turns house training into a game that you’ll be able to win: three easy steps from mess to success! This course is approved for 4 CEUs from PPAB. Learn more: From Mess to Sucess.

Calm, Cool, and Collected: Do you wish your dogs was a bit more of a cool cucumber and a bit less of a jumping, pestering love bug? The “Calm, Cool, and Collected Dog”, is a course aimed at those over-active dogs who jump up on their owners and guests and who pester (such as by mouthing) their humans as well. In Special Correspondent Kristi Benson’s online learning course, you’ll learn training techniques and life hacks that will help you both understand your dog and gain some new (and lovely) calm behaviour as well. This course is approved for 12 CEUs from PPAB. Learn more: Calm, Cool, and Collected

This conversation was originally recorded for subscribers to The Pawsitive Post in November 2021.

About Kristi Benson

Kristi Benson is an honours graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, where she earned her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC). She also has gained her PCBC-A credential from the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. She has recently moved to beautiful northern British Columbia, where she will continue to help dog guardians through online teaching and consultations. Kristi is on staff at the Academy for Dog Trainers, helping to shape the next generation of canine professionals. Kristi’s dogs are rescue sled dogs, mostly retired and thoroughly enjoying a good snooze in front of the woodstove. 




About Zazie Todd

Zazie Todd, PhD, loves nothing more than helping people with their pets. She is the award-winning author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. Her third book, Shiver, is provisionally scheduled for publication in 2024. Todd is the creator of the popular blog, Companion Animal Psychology, and also has a column at Psychology Today. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband, one dog, and two cats. 




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