The Association of Professional Dog Trainers New Zealand Conference

Will I see you at this conference? It's based in NZ, but taking place online, so you can attend wherever you are.

The view over Wellington from the top of the cable car
Photo: Makalu/Pixabay

By Zazie Todd PhD

I’ll be presenting at the New Zealand Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference in June.

The conference takes place 22nd to 23rd June 2024. This year’s theme is Steady Paws, Calm Minds.

Steady Paws, Calm Minds online conference 2024 from the APDT NZ, The text is against a swirly blue background with a dog

I’ll be giving three talks at the conference:

  • How to help fearful dogs feel safe
  • Counter-conditioning for anxious and fearful dogs
  • The value of enrichment for dogs.

One of the other speakers at the conference will be Laura Ryder, the head dog trainer at Morley Vet Centre in Perth, Western Australia. I am really excited for the conference.

You can see the program and get more information on the APDT NZ conference web page.  

The conference takes place online.

For those of you on the west coast of Canada and the US, it's worth noting that the timing might work for you--it will be Friday and Saturday Pacific time because Wellington, NZ is 19 hours ahead of us. 

Let me know if you’ll be at the conference!

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