Fellow Creatures: Two New Posts on Behavioural Issues in Dogs and Cats

 Tips for dealing with behavioral issues, and on petting-induced aggression in cats.

Portrait of a beagle looking up
Photo: Simon Robben/Pexels

By Zazie Todd, PhD

I have two new posts over on my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures

One looks at the most important things to do if your dog or cat has some kind of behavioral issue, from being careful to choose the right kind of support and help (especially since dog training is not regulated), to what to say to those people who offer you unwanted "advice" on training. Read the post here: 8 tips for dealing with a pet with behavioral issues

The other post looks at petting-induced aggression in cats, which typically occurs when the cat is finding petting too intense. So if you know a cat who seems to be enjoying petting but then suddenly growls, bites, or scratches, check out the post here: Petting-induced aggression: how to stop your cat from attacking you.

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