The Writer’s Pet: Maureen Fergus and Glory On Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story

Maureen Fergus on her latest picture book, Glory on Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story, and how her dog Buddy inspires her writing.

The Writer's Pet: Maureen Fergus interviewed about her dog Buddy, pictured here as Sir Barksalot and posing next to a pumpkin, and her picture book Glory on Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story
Buddy dressed as Sir Barksalot. Photo: Maureen Fergus.

No. 9 in the series The Writer's Pet by Zazie Todd PhD.

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Maureen Fergus is an award-winning author of books for children and teens. In her latest book Glory on Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story, a vampire decides to join the local hockey team. But can a hundreds-of-years-old vampire learn new tricks? This hilarious book is for readers aged 3-7 years and is illustrated by Mark Fearing.

Maureen told me about the book, her upcoming new releases, and how her dog, Buddy, has inspired some of her stories.

Book cover of Glory on Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story by Maureen Fergus.

What is your pet’s name? 

He’s a dog and his name is Buddy, although we also call him Bud, Spud, Spuddy, Spuds Finnigan, Baby Bear, Little Guy and Old Man Dog (he’s fourteen) 

Type of pet?

Buddy’s mom was a Havanese-Bichon cross and his dad was a red toy poodle

What do you love most about Buddy? 

His only job in life is to be adorable and he is outstanding at it. The level of enthusiasm he has for everyday things like welcoming me home or being fed or going for a walk makes my heart smile.

"He was half the inspiration for my “Buddy and Earl” picture book series (the other star was our hedgehog Earl)"

What makes Buddy happy?

Being with me makes him happy! When he has to wait outside a store with my husband, he makes a complete spectacle of himself, whining and barking and straining at the leash, until I come out again. Liver treats, Boomchickapop popcorn and licking things off the kitchen floor also make him happy. 

The Writer's Pet: Maureen Fergus on her dog Buddy, pictured here dressed as an elf, and her latest picture book
Buddy the Elf. Photo: Maureen Fergus

Does Buddy help or hinder your writing? In what way?

Buddy definitely helps my writing! He was half the inspiration for my “Buddy and Earl” picture book series (the other star was our hedgehog Earl) and he is good company when I’m writing. Of course, my kids insist on coming into my room and visiting him for smooches every five minutes, so that’s a bit distracting, and if I make myself a snack, he jumps up onto my lap and sits there until I share, so that is a bit distracting, too!

"His only job in life is to be adorable and he is outstanding at it."

Tell me about your book.

My latest picture book “Glory On Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story” is the story of an eight-hundred-year-old vampire named Vlad. After centuries alone in his old castle, Vlad is ready to try something new. When he hears the local hockey team gushing about how they'll crush and destroy their opponents in the next game, he knows he's found the activity for him! Vlad falls in love with the game and gives it his all, but soon realizes that super-human powers don't mean much in hockey without a mastery of the basics.

Brilliantly illustrated by the incomparable Mark Fearing, “Glory On Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story” encourages teamwork, perseverance, and a love of hockey that will last a lifetime, even for an immortal being.

The Writer's Pet: Maureen Fergus's little dog Buddy looking cute in a box.
Buddy in a box. Photo: Maureen Fergus.

Do you have any books coming out next year?

I have two books coming out next year! One is a picture book about a cow with anger management issues, and the other is an early reader book about the adventures of a naughty wiener dog named Weenie and his best friends, Frank and Beans (a cat and a guinea pig).

Name your local/favourite independent bookstore that has your book for sale.

McNally Robinson Booksellers

Glory on Ice: A Vampire Hockey Story is available in my Amazon store and at all good bookstores.

Maureen Fergus is the author of many award-winning books for kids and teens, including InvisiBill and The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten. Her books have won the McNally Robinson Books for Young People Award, the Diamond Willow, the Blue Spruce and the Best Books for Kids and the OLA Best Bets Award. Maureen works as the Managing Director of a financial services firm, coaches her kids' soccer teams, studies karate, bakes muffins, makes lunches and hangs out with her family: her husband, their three kids and Buddy the Wonder Dog. She lives in Winnipeg, MB. 

Website: Follow Maureen Fergus on Facebook and Twitter.  

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