Season's Greetings

 Season's Greetings from Companion Animal Psychology.

Season's Greetings from Companion Animal Psychology. A Jack Russell Terrier puts her nose to a tree decorated with baubles.
Photo: dezy/Shutterstock

What a year it's been! I wish you all a lovely respite over the holiday season.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Companion Animal Psychology and my book, Wag, this year and who is part of our community of people dedicated to happier lives for our pets. Special thanks to my amazing Ko-Fi supporters and all my wonderful Wag Team peeps.

Happy Holidays! And I wish you a hopeful, healthy, and happy 2021.


Zazie Todd, PhD, is the author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, which is a finalist in two DWAA awards. She is the founder of the popular blog Companion Animal Psychology, where she writes about everything from training methods to the human-canine relationship. She also writes a column for Psychology Today and has received the prestigious Captain Haggerty Award for Best Training Article in 2017. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband and two cats.

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