The Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week

Join me at the Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week this November.

The Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week logo. The event takes place 11-15 Nov 2020

By Zazie Todd, PhD

The Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week takes places 11-15 November 2020 with 85 presenters and 136 sessions around the clock - plus 12-month's access to the recordings. 

The list of speakers includes Dr. Liz Bales, Kristi Benson, Dr. Mikel Delgado, Malena DeMartini, Jean Donaldson, Dr. Naomi Harvey, Dr. Dorothy Heffernan, Dr. Lynn Honeckman, Joan Hunter Mayer, Casey McGee, Pat Miller, Dr. Sasha Protopopova, Dr. Lisa Radosta, Kathy Sdao, Emily Tronetti, Niki Tudge, Karen Wild, Laurie C. Williams, and many more.

I will be giving two talks at Geek Week:

  • Keeping children and dogs safe: Insights from canine science
  • The role of scent and pheromones in cat behaviour and tips for enrichment.

Anyone who is a member of one of the co-hosting organizations gets a huge discount on registration. 

You can get all of the info and register at

Maybe I'll see you there!

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