Fellow Creatures: Another New Post

I have a new post at my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures, about a pilot study that upturns some conventional wisdom on dogs.

Should you pet your dog before an absence? looks at a study that compared signs of stress when the dog is petted or ignored before an absence. (It's important to note the study is with dogs that do not have any separation-related issues).

A new post at Psychology Today looks at research on whether we should pet dogs, like this little dog on a sofa, before we go out
Photo: Pexels/Pixabay
By Zazie Todd, PhD


  1. I think the key is to be calm. I have owned 6 dogs over 50+ years and always tell them goodbye, but I say it calmly as I leave. They have all been great. They have slept while I've been gone. Getting all hyper & sad makes them upset.

  2. I think it might depend on the dog. I had a Schnoodle that could get spiteful and destructive if not taken along with his owners. Currently, I have a poodle/beagle mix that is quite calm when the humans leave and if I pet him before leaving, he does not get at all agitated.

  3. I always tell my babies goodbye and I love them.


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