The Guinea Pigs' Perspective and Humane Dog Training

A couple of news items: new post at Psychology Today, new article in press at the Journal of Veterinary Behavior.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

I have a new blog post at Psychology Today called Animal-Assisted Therapy: The Guinea Pigs' Perspective.

It's about a new study by Gut et al that looked at the behavioural response of guinea pigs in animal-assisted therapy sessions with and without the option of retreat. There are implications not just for animal-assisted therapy but also for anyone with pet guinea pigs.

Photo: 12071/Pixabay

In case you missed it, in February I had a post on Choosing Dogs that can Breathe.

I also have a paper in press at the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Barriers to the adoption of humane dog training methods. Temporary free access is available at this link.

Photo: Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstock


  1. Hi Zazie,
    I'm really excited about your new article "Barriers to the adoption of humane dog training methods". Do you have any idea when the full text will be (temporarily) available?

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks so much for your interest in the paper. I think it will be very soon now. I will have an author link that gives temporary full access to the paper, and I will share it on social media as well as here on the blog, so keep an eye out for it. At that point anyone who downloaded the 'in press' version can update it with the correct version too. So watch this space! And thank you so much for asking.
      Best wishes,

    2. Hi Charlotte, Did you get the paper? It's available via this link up until 9th June:


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