Invitation to the Companion Animal Psychology Book Club

If you love reading and animals, you are invited to join the Companion Animal Psychology Book Club.

A puppy reads a book about dogs and cats

By Zazie Todd, PhD

The Companion Animal Psychology Book Club is for discussion of books about dogs, cats, and our relationship with companion animals.

The club will discuss one book a month except for January and July, so we will read ten books a year.

Most books will be non-fiction, although fiction will be considered if a companion animal plays a prominent role.

Books may cover a wide variety of perspectives, but there is a preference for humane and kind treatment of animals (and people), and for scientific or critical approaches to the human-animal bond. Books do not have to be recent, but they will be available in book stores.

The book for discussion in November 2016 is The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis.

The book for December 2016 is The Secret History of Kindness by Melissa Holbrook Pierson.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether or not you are a regular reader of Companion Animal Psychology.

Discussions will take place at the Companion Animal Psychology Book Club Facebook group - ask to join the group on Facebook - and here on the blog (see note below).

Discussions will start on the first weekend of each month, and you can join in any time during that month.

See you on 5th November to discuss The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat!

If you would like, you can purchase via our Amazon Associate link.

Note: The book club group is now closed to new members due to overwhelming demand. I will post the books and questions to my blog every month, so that readers not able to join the group can still join in at home. Thank you to everyone for your interest, and I'll let you know when there is an opportunity to join again.


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