The Train for Rewards Blog Party 2019

The 2019 Train for Rewards blog party celebrates reward-based training of dogs, cats, and other pets.  Join in the fun, find new bloggers to read, and share a photo of your pet on social media with the hashtag #Train4Rewards.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

Take Part in Train for Rewards

  • Read the blog posts, comment on them, and share your favourite posts with the hashtag #Train4Rewards
  • Add your pet's photo to the photo post
  • Afterwards, reward yourself for participating with a piece of cake, some chocolate, a glass of wine, a walk on the beach, or whatever makes you happy. 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
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The 2019 Train for Rewards Blog Party


  1. I wanted to contribute, but dont wanna do that through those companies offered above. Well, I wont contribute then - I dont wanna be forced to subscribe to those companies. I post my work here instead:

    1. Hi Dave, You don't have to subscribe to anything, and I won't email you about the blog party (unless there is a problem), but everyone does have to give an email address because it cuts down on spam...

  2. Some great posts here. Thank you to all the trainers who contributed to this blog post. I always learn something new at Dr. Todd's website. So much great information here!


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