The Train for Rewards Blog Party

This is the place for the Train for Rewards Blog Party to celebrate rewards-based training of our companion animals. Bloggers can add a link to their contributing posts below (please read the rules and get the button first).
By Zazie Todd, PhD

Take Part in Train for Rewards

On 16th June:
  • Read the blog posts listed below, comment on them, and share your favourite posts on social media with the hashtag #Train4Rewards
  • Share a photo of your dog (or other companion animal) who is trained using rewards on social media with the hashtag #Train4Rewards
  • Reward yourself for participating with a cup of coffee, slice of cake, a walk in the woods, or whatever makes you happy.

Celebrate positive reinforcement with the #train4rewards blog party

Celebrate positive reinforcement dog training

Rewards-based training of dogs and other pets


  1. Added! Thanks for letting us be part :)

  2. Well, bringing up the rear -- but better late than never, right? THANK YOU for leading me to Katzenworld! Here's my post:

  3. You've got great list of blogs! Every pet owner will surely learn a lot from them. Training their pets properly and with love.


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