Fellow Creatures: Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Cat

A new post on my Psych Today blog about the things that shouldn't be done to cats.

A black-and-white cat lies in a tunnel, looking at the camera with big eyes and ears forward
Photo: Dominika Roseclay/Pexels

By Zazie Todd PhD

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Cats are wonderful pets, and dedicated cat guardians will do anything they can for their cats because they know that cats deserve to be happy. But there are still some misconceptions about what pet cats need.

So today on my Psychology Today blog Fellow Creatures, I've got a post about 10 things you shouldn't do to your cat.

Zazie Todd, PhD, is the award-winning author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. She is the creator of the popular blog, Companion Animal Psychology, and also has a column at Psychology Today. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband, one dog, and two cats. 

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