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Your Invite to my Webinar on How to Make Your Cat Happy

A webinar in celebration of the upcoming book Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy .

Scientists surprised to learn that cats are freeloaders

Pet cats prefer food from a bowl rather than a food puzzle toy, study finds.  Photo: Okssi/Shutterstock

Time for Self Reflection? Exploring Developments in Animals' Abilities to Demonstrate Self-Awareness

The mirror test isn’t the only way to test for self-awareness—but thinking about the kind of mirror can make a difference to results.  Chimpanzees exploring mirror reflections using large and handheld mirrors respectively. Reproduced from Kopp et al. 2021 under Creative Commons 3.0 License .    Guest post by John Binks and Lucie Mellish

Specialty Webinars at the Ottawa Humane Society

A series of four webinars on The Science of Making Pets Happy. Photo: Tomáš Jíra/Pexels By Zazie Todd PhD

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