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Fellow Creatures: 3 Things Everyone Should Understand About Puppies

I have a new post about puppies over on my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures. Photo: Helena Lopes/Pexels

Fellow Creatures: What is Caregiver Burden for People with Pets?

I've got a new post on my Fellow Creatures blog at Psychology Today. Photo: Meruyert Gonollu/Shutterstock

BC’s 2018 Ban on Declawing Cats Was Good News for Cats, Study Shows

After the ban, fewer cats were surrendered to shelters, and those that were found a new home faster. Photo: Joey Thebeau/Shutterstock

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club September 2021

"An incredible journey of joy, discovery, and innovation."--Shari Robertson PhD. By Zazie Todd, PhD.

Finding happiness in the small moments of joy with your pet

When times are hard, we can still find joy with our pets.  Carpe sphera? Photo: Violacelous/Shutterstock

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