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Fellow Creatures: Helping People Switch to Reward-Based Dog Training Methods

We know that reward-based methods are the best way to train dogs. Lately in the news I’ve read various stories about ways to encourage more people to get vaccinated in order to make a difference to the pandemic, and I’ve been seeing parallels with dog training. Photo: Samson Katt/Pexels

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Why You Need To Reward Your Dog in Training, According to the Experts

Dog obedience training and behaviour modification should use reward-based methods, according to a new position statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Photo: xkunclova/Shutterstock

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club August 2021

"I love Wesley the Owl ! Not since Konrad Lorenz have I read such an honest, vivid, and revealing account of the rich and complex life of an individual bird."--Sy Montgomery.

I'm Presenting at Geek Week 2021

The Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week 2021 is an online educational event with internationally renowned speakers--and I'm excited to be one of them! By Zazie Todd PhD

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