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Fellow Creatures: Finding Hope in Dog Training and Animal Behaviour

My latest piece at my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures, is up and it looks at the role of the writer when it comes to dog training and animal behaviour.

Companion Animal Psychology Turns 9

Celebrating nine years of blogging about cats and dogs.  Photo: Rodica Vasiliev/Shutterstock

The Writer's Pet: Trina Moyles and Lookout

Trina Moyles on her canine friend and protector, Holly, and her latest book, Lookout: Love, Solitude, and Searching for Wildfire in the Boreal Forest . No. 14 in the series The Writer's Pet by Zazie Todd PhD.

Fellow Creatures: New Post on Social Vulnerability and the Surrender of Pets

I have a new post at my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures, that looks at some research on the factors that affect people's decision to surrender pets to the BC SPCA. Photo: Justin Veeneema/Unsplash

Companion Animal Psychology News March 2021

Family portraits with pets, tips for caring for kittens, wool dogs in BC, and more... This month's Companion Animal Psychology News. By Zazie Todd, PhD

Peeling Carrots Like Grandma: Lessons in Efficiency For Dog Training

Every dog is an individual, but dog training is more efficient when there’s a recipe to follow. Photo: Helen Hotson/Shutterstock By Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A, Special Correspondent

The Writer’s Pet: Jen Sookfong Lee, Finding Home, and The Shadow List

 Jen Sookfong Lee on her adorable dog, her new children’s book, and her first poetry collection. Rosie McDoggle. Photo: Jen Sookfong Lee.

One Year of Wag: Happy Tails from a Debut Author

Reflections on the publication of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, one year on. Dixie and Hamish with Wag. Photo: Bonnie Hartney, Ocean Park Dog Training . By Zazie Todd, PhD

Animal Book Club March 2021

“Poignant, thoughtful, and sometimes heartbreaking. King once again elevates the discussion of animal emotion. She tackles a tricky subject with a scientist's care and an animal lover's grace.”-- Jennifer Holland. By Zazie Todd, PhD.

When Dogs Heal: An Interview with Jesse Freidin and Dr. Robert Garofalo

A new book uses powerful stories and photographs to show the difference dogs make to people with HIV.  Adam and Laila, from the book When Dogs Heal. Photo: Jesse Freidin.

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