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The Importance of Kindness in Dog Training with Jane Wolff (PPiC Ep 7)

The Pawsitive Post in Conversation No. 7 with special guest Jane Wolff of Good Wolff Dog Training. Clockwise from top left: Zazie Todd, Jane Wolff, Kristi Benson

The 2022 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

My picks of artisan gifts from Etsy for dogs, cats, and their people, from advent calendars for dogs and cats, pet bowls and snuggly beds, to jewelry and a scarf.

Black Friday Deals on Companion Animal Psychology Merch

Get 15% off all Companion Animal Psychology merch with promo code BLACKFRI valid until midnight PT on 28th November 2022.

Happy Dogs and More Happy Dogs with Radio New Zealand

I spoke about dogs with Jim Mora for Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning --and then came back to answer listeners' questions.  By Zazie Todd PhD This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Get Companion Animal Psychology in your inbox. Recently, I chatted all about dogs with Jim Mora for Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning. We talked about my book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy , the importance of reward-based training and enrichment for your dog, and the relationship between dogs and their people. You can listen to that interview here: Dr. Zazie Todd: how we know your dog loves you . Then I came back to answer listeners' questions about dogs. We didn't manage to fit them all in, but we covered lots of topics from dog training treats and the best ways to train your dog or deal with behaviour issues and what kind of dog is best for you.  You can listen to that interview here: Zazie Todd:

Interview About Cats with North by NorthWest

I spoke about cats with Sheryl MacKay on CBC Radio's North By NorthWest. Photo: Robert Petrovic/Shutterstock

How Cats Respond to Catnip and Other Cat-Attracting Plants is Very Individual, Study Shows

New research shows that cats have an individual response to catnip and other cat-attracting plants like silvervine and that, unlike big cats, they don’t care for perfumes like Obsession for Men. A cat chews on a silvervine stick. Photo: Abigail Crawford.

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club November 2022

"Turning wolves into dogs took knowledge, insight and a few cheeky treats along the way. This book contains all three, and is the perfect companion to any dog lover." -- Ben Garrod.

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