Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2021

"In this superbly articulate cri de coeur, Safina gives us a new way of looking at the natural world that is radically different."―The Washington Post.

Animal Book Club June 2021

By Zazie Todd, PhD

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This month's choice for the Animal Book Club is Becoming Wild by Carl Safina.

From the back cover,

"Some believe that culture is strictly a human phenomenon. But this book reveals cultures of other-than-human beings in some of Earth’s remaining wild places. It shows how if you’re a sperm whale, a scarlet macaw, or a chimpanzee, you too come to understand yourself as an individual within a particular community that does things in specific ways, that has traditions. Alongside genes, culture is a second form of inheritance, passed through generations as pools of learned knowledge. As situations change, social learning―culture―allows behaviors to adjust much faster than genes can adapt."

Becoming Wild was a New York Times Notable Books of 2020.

Becoming Wild is available in all good bookstores and from my Amazon store:

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