Fellow Creatures: Some Pet Owners Are Having Issues During the Pandemic

Many people rushed out to get pets when the pandemic started, but it's not an overwhelmingly positive experience. My latest post on my Fellow Creatures blog at Psych Today looks at some new research on how pets are affecting people during this time.

A woman hugs her little dog by the window of her condo. But a pet isn't always good & there can be downsides in the pandemic


By Zazie Todd, PhD.

The research from the University of Florida investigated people's experiences of having a pet during the pandemic as well as how their pet factored into health decisions about COVID-19. Check it out here: Some pet owners are having issues during the pandemic

Zazie Todd, PhD, is the author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, which is a finalist in two DWAA awards. She is the founder of the popular blog Companion Animal Psychology, where she writes about everything from training methods to the human-canine relationship. She also writes a column for Psychology Today and has received the prestigious Captain Haggerty Award for Best Training Article in 2017. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband and two cats.

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