Fellow Creatures: New Post on Psychoactive Medication for Anxious Dogs

I have a new post on my Fellow Creatures blog that looks at some research on people's attitudes to the use of psychoactive meds and various types of supplements for dogs with behaviour issues.

A scruffy terrier, pictured. People's experience shapes whether they will consider meds and supplements for a dog with behaviour issues.
Photo: Couleur/Pixabay

By Zazie Todd, PhD

The study shows just how widespread fear and anxiety is amongst dogs, and that people's own experiences affect the likelihood of them being open to considering the use of psychoactive medications (such as Prozac) for dogs. The research looks at people's attitudes to psychoactive medication, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, pheromones, and cannabinoid products for dogs with behaviour problems. Read the post here: How people decide on meds for anxious dogs

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