Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)

Gorgeous dogs pose with their copy of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy.

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Sidney. Photo: Susanne Shearling

By Zazie Todd PhD

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Back in early February when the world was normal, COVID-19 didn’t even have a name yet, and I was building up to an exciting book launch, I invited readers of Companion Animal Psychology to join my launch team.

Expecting around 20 or 30 people to join, I was amazed that 100 people completed my application form and signed up. One of the things they agreed to do was post a photo of their dog on social media with a copy of the book. For me, seeing these photos was one of the best things about my book launch, and so here I share a selection of those photos.

None of us knew that we would be launching Wag into a pandemic in which in-person events and media would have to be cancelled, bookstores would have to close, and Amazon would temporarily stop delivering books.

Despite all this, the Wag Team has been there to cheer me on and find ways to support and encourage me. They have done me proud and I am so grateful to each and every person on the Wag Team. Thank you!  (I am part-way through writing and mailing my thank you notes).

If you don’t yet have your copy of Wag, you can find your local Canadian indie here, order via your local US indie on Indiebound, support independent stores by buying on Bookshop (US only), or order via my Amazon store (affiliate link).

Just look at all of these gorgeous dogs. Part 2 to follow!

The photo above is Sidney. “Sidney is fresh from a groom so that he can look his best for the occasion.”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Peat, 12 week old Border Collie. Photo: Susanne Shearling.
“He enjoyed chewing on it. Good thing he’s cute!”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Lyra. Photo: Megan O-Connor.
“Lyra was happy to pose (and well rewarded, of course).”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Stella. Photo: Carol Kaune.
“Stella ran to the mailbox swiftly with care.
In hopes that her Wag book soon would be there.
She barked at the mailman cuz she couldn't be happier.
When he gave her the package in an Amazon wrapper.
She ran in the house and snuggled in bed.
Then fixed her glasses in place on her head.
She drifted away as she read the last page.
Snoozing and wagging with a smile on her face.”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Drake. Photo: Jackie Johnston

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Mamacita. Photo: Rachel Szumel
“I’ve disturbed her nap but her tail gives away her true feelings about this delivery.”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Kavik. Photo: Jess Buccilli.
“I haven’t even opened the book yet and it’s made Kav happy - he loves to be silly and offer behaviors with new items (and it’s keeping his almost 12 year old mind sharp.)”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
River (left), Ryder (right), and Squeeze (in front). Photo: Kim Marosevich
“Book day! They were happier about stuffy desecration than posing but I'm pretty pleased with the delivery.”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Mr. Barbo. Photo: Kate LaSala

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Ozzie (left) and Desi. Photo: Julie C. Bond.
“Well, my team is excited! Look what came in today's mail!”

Wag Happy Dogs: A Photo Post (Part 1)
Josie. Photo: Pamela  Rhodes.
"Josie gives her approval too."

Thank you to everyone who gave me permission to include their photo in this post. #Wag #WagHappyDogs

P.S. If you’ve read Wag, would you be willing to write a review on Amazon? Reviews help authors, but they also help other dog people find out whether they are likely to enjoy a book and if it is suitable for them. Thank you!

Zazie Todd, PhD, is the award-winning author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. She is the creator of the popular blog, Companion Animal Psychology, writes The Pawsitive Post premium newsletter, and also has a column at Psychology Today. Todd lives in Maple Ridge, BC, with her husband, one dog, and two cats. 

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