Good Habits and Resolutions for Dog and Cat Guardians and for Writers (PPiC Ep 2)

Zazie and Kristi talk about good habits for people with dogs and cats, New Year's Resolutions, and good habits for writers too in episode 2 of The Pawsitive Post in Conversation. By Zazie Todd PhD This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Get Companion Animal Psychology in your inbox. We talk about New Year's Resolutions, habits that are a good idea for pet guardians, helping dogs and cats cope with winter, grooming dogs and cats, writing habits, and what we're reading right now. Watch this episode on Youtube , listen via your favourite podcast app, or watch or listen below. We talk in particular about dog walking as a habit, and giving cats lap time as a habit. The other habits we consider are to do with nail trims, grooming, where to store treats so they are to hand when you need them, scooping the litter tray, and giving pets their medications. Of course, it helps to keep a habit if your dog or c

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"This book is an evolutionary thought experiment--untestable, informative and great fun."--David P. Barash. 

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