The Role of Science Communication in Talking About Dog Training

Zazie Todd guests on the What Makes You Click?  podcast with Daniel Mills. Daniel Mills and Zazie Todd

You are the Secret to Your Pet's Happiness

If you want a happy pet, you should pay attention to how you interact with them. Photo: Veera/Shutterstock

Fellow Creatures: Two New Posts on Behavioural Issues in Dogs and Cats

 Tips for dealing with behavioral issues, and on petting-induced aggression in cats. Photo: Simon Robben/Pexels

Fellow Creatures: Why Dogs with Behaviour Problems Deserve Compassion

Today I have a new post on my Psychology Today blog, Fellow Creatures . Photo: Kataryna Babaieva/Pexels

Salience, motivation, and good fortune in dog training.

The joy of finding a hot dog under the couch. (Photo: Jane Petrova/Shutterstock) By Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A, Special Correspondent

Reactive Dogs: Compassion and the Power of Animal Learning are at the Heart of Training

 What to do if your dog is reactive to other dogs or other people on walks. Photo: Page Light Studios/Shutterstock. Guest post by Beth Sautins CTC

Companion Animal Psychology Book Club June 2021

"In this superbly articulate cri de coeur, Safina gives us a new way of looking at the natural world that is radically different."―The Washington Post. By Zazie Todd, PhD.

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