New Study Shows Dogs Trained with Rewards Only are More Optimistic

When dogs are trained with methods such as leash jerks, yelling, and shock collars, they have worse welfare than dogs trained solely with food rewards, according to new research. Photo: Lindaze/Shutterstock

The Writer's Pet: Hannah Gold and The Last Bear

Hannah Gold on her tortoise and her cat – and her much-anticipated children’s book, The Last Bear.

An Artisan Valentine's Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

A selection of artisan Valentine-themed dog collars and cat collars, gifts for your pet, and cards for pet lovers.  By Zazie Todd, PhD

Fellow Creatures: Some Pet Owners Are Having Issues During the Pandemic

Many people rushed out to get pets when the pandemic started, but it's not an overwhelmingly positive experience. My latest post on my Fellow Creatures blog at Psych Today looks at some new research on how pets are affecting people during this time.  

A Secure Outdoor Enclosure is Good for Cats, Study Says

It could be time to start working on your catio plans. Outdoors access with lower risk is good for pet cats’ quality of life. Photo: Ellie Burgin/Pexels

A Love Letter to Loss: Missing Calvin in the Middle of Covid

Losing a pet at this time simply adds to the difficulties of the pandemic, says Dr. Shelly Volsche. Shelly Volsche's late dog, Calvin.

Companion Animal Psychology News January 2021

Dogs and optical illusions, cat communication, and wildlife photos... this month's Companion Animal Psychology News.

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