Make Your Dog Happy: Reader's Photos

Recently readers were invited to send in photos of their happy dogs with the #makeyourdoghappy hashtag. These are my favourites. It was very hard to choose - thank you to everyone who sent photos and gave me permission to share them. By Zazie Todd, PhD Erin Beckett says “Radar LOVES force free training. He gets so excited for our training sessions.” @Misa212 sent in this gorgeous photo of Trigger and her clicker. Helen Verte says, "Dudley's only been trained force free and he's always ready to offer a behavior for something delish. Besides food, and chase-me games, belly rubs make him incredibly happy and content!" Gill Land says “ Daks loves everyone and everything and knows how to have fun. ” Shelly Fourie says of Sasha, "My 3 year old Jack Russell waiting for her next treat." William Henderson says, "Colin is a happy boy." @5_pups sent in this wonderful photo o

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