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Help your pet lead their best life.

Do you want to:

  •     Learn more about dog and cat behaviour?
  •     Feel more confident about reward-based training?
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  •     Discover cool new science—and how it relates to the pets in your life?
  •     Get inspiration for blog posts, social media, or other creative endeavours?
  •     Learn how to build a better relationship with your dog or cat?

The Pawsitive Post is a new premium newsletter (with benefits) from Zazie Todd PhD--author of the award-winning book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy--with additional content by Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A.

This twice-a-month newsletter is packed with trusted content on dog and cat behaviour and training. And those benefits include your ticket to our exclusive events. Attend live webinars to learn more about dogs and cats--or wait for the recording later--and submit questions for our Ask Me Anything.

As a bonus, everyone who signs up will get my free five-week self-study email course, The Happy Pet Challenge. Complete five different fun activities with your dog or cat and learn how each activity can help your pet be even happier.

Plus, you'll get my free handout, Kickstart your creativity, to inspire you to write, journal, photograph, paint, share to Instagram, etc. and develop the creative side of your relationship with your pet.

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Tell me more about The Pawsitive Post

The Pawsitive Post will arrive in your inbox twice a month (on the first and third Wednesday). In every issue you'll get great writing and trusted information about dog and cat behaviour, training, and welfare--designed to help you understand your pet better. 

And those benefits I mentioned? Every month there will be an online event or recording, from webinars by Zazie and special guests, to Ask Me Anything sessions and virtual coffee. Come and be part of a community of animal lovers--or wait for the recording. You can see the current event schedule for The Pawsitive Post here (CEUs available!).

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What is The Happy Pet Challenge?

Five weeks. Five activities. Five times.

The Happy Pet Challenge is a five week email course that you will get free with your subscription to The Pawsitive Post.

Every week, there is a new activity for you to do with your pet on five days of the week. And there's a lesson for you to read about how this activity helps to make our pets happy.

The activities are suitable for dogs or cats and you are free to make changes if needed for your pet (e.g. if your pet has special needs). 

Share your photos of taking part in the challenge on social media with the hashtag #HappyPetChallenge.

BIPOC scholarships for The Pawsitive Post

There is a limited number of scholarships for BIPOC/BAME people who will get The Pawsitive Post at 50% off for the first 12 months. To apply, email zazie at companionanimalpsychology dot com to say that you are interested. The scholarships are first come, first served and recipients’ names will be included in a future issue of The Pawsitive Post.

Praise for Zazie Todd's writing and her book, Wag

 “If you care about your dog, you need this book. It's packed with insights from the latest canine science, and loads of advice on how you can give your dog the happiest possible life.”

Dr John Bradshaw, author of Dog Sense [In Defence of Dogs].

 "Wag is a must-read for all dog lovers. An amazing, well-written book that makes canine science easy to understand and apply in a useful manner to improve dogs' lives and the relationship we have with them. The anecdotes about Dr. Todd’s dogs are the highlight of the book."
Dr. Wailani Sung, board-certified veterinary behaviorist

In Wag, psychologist and dog trainer Zazie Todd shows dog owners how they can use the latest research in the exploding field of canine science to improve the lives of their pets. Dog lovers will find this book fascinating, and their pets will be delighted their owners read it."
Hal Herzog, author of Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard To Think Straight About Animals.

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