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 The calendar of events for The Pawsitive Post.

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This is the schedule of upcoming events from The Pawsitive Post. Come and be part of a community of animal lovers--or wait and watch the recording later. 

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The Pawsitive Post Event Schedule 2021

I am excited to be hosting these events. Scroll down for more information on each one. All events are at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/6pm UK time. Each webinar has a value of $30 and is included in your monthly subscription. Recordings are available for most webinars until the end of the following month.

CEUs are available for some of these events; see the individual event listings for details.

June 10th: Webinar. How to Find Inspiration and Develop Your Creativity by Zazie Todd PhD. CCPDT 0.5 CEUs (see below); PPAB 1 CEU. (Available as a recording until the end of November).

July 15th: Wag reading and chat with award-winning author Zazie Todd PhD.

August 12th: Webinar. Learning about Enrichment from the Happy Pet Challenge by Zazie Todd PhD. CCPDT 0.5 CEUs (see below); PPAB 1 CEU; IAABC 1 CEU. (Available as a recording until the end of September).

September 9th: Webinar. An Introduction to Cat Behaviour by Zazie Todd PhD. CCPDT 0.5 CEUs; IAABC 1 CEU.

September 23rd: Webinar: How to Have Productive Behaviour Consults: Perspectives from Trainers and Guardians. By Beth Sautins CTC. (Details to follow). PPAB 1 CEU; IAABC 1 CEU.

October 14th: Webinar. Calm, Cool, and Collected: Helping Dogs go from Crazy and Wild to Mannered and Mild by Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A. PPAB 1 CEU; IAABC 1 CEU.

November 11th: Ask Me Anything. A recorded Q&A that be sent out later in the month. You will have the chance to submit questions in advance.

December 9th: Morning coffee (or afternoon, depending on your time zone). An informal, friendly chat. This will also be the first chance to find out about Zazie Todd's forthcoming book, Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. (No recording will be available).

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Event Details

These are the details of the events for 2021. 

How to Find Inspiration and Develop Your Creativity

Zazie Todd PhD

Helping people to understand their pet’s behavioural needs and how to train them requires good observational skills (of both the person and pet) and the ability to get ideas across in a way that people will understand. A great way to develop these skills is through your writing or other creative practice. In addition, blogging and social media are an important way to present information to pet guardians and clients about dog training and dog and cat behaviour. But deciding what to write can be tough. Do you want to write but find you struggle to sit down and put pen to paper? Or you’re staring at a blank screen and don’t know what to say? Or are you stuck in other creative endeavours? This webinar will look at how to get un-stuck, how to set the habits that will help you keep on creating, and how to deal with nerves about sharing your work. Your own pet can be the inspiration for your writing and art, whether you are interested in memoir or other personal writing, or finding topics for your business blog posts and Instagram feed. As well, we’ll talk about how you can use the monthly writing prompts from The Pawsitive Post to find inspiration for writing, journaling, painting, crafting, or however you like to create. 

Learning objectives:

  • Develop your skills in observing dog or cat behaviour
  • Practice techniques to help your writing get—and stay—unstuck
  • Consider who your writing is for and tailor it to your audience
  • Establish methods of writing or other creative practice that will work for you in the long run

CEUs: CCPDT: This event is 0.5 CEUs for trainers and 0.5 CEUs for behaviour consultants.

PPAB: This is approved for 1 CEU. 

Wag reading and chat

Come and listen to Zazie Todd PhD read extracts from her award-winning book Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and talk about her own pets and how they inspired her to write the book. Find out which tips from the book she wishes every pet owner knew, and the supposed dog training “wisdom” that annoys her the most. As well, you’ll have the chance to learn about what happens behind-the-scenes of getting a book published and ask your questions about dog (and cat) behaviour and training. 

Learning about Enrichment from the Happy Pet Challenge

Zazie Todd PhD

Five weeks. Five activities. Five times. The Happy Pet Challenge—a five week self-study course that comes free with The Pawsitive Post from Companion Animal Psychology—challenges people to try five different activities with their dog or cat. This webinar will introduce you to modern ways of thinking about animal welfare for pets and understand how enrichment can help lead to happier pets with fewer problem behaviours and a better human-animal bond. As well, we’ll look at the five different activities, why they are good for dogs and/or cats, and tips on the best ways to introduce them to your pet. This webinar will be of interest to dog and cat guardians as well as to dog trainers and other pet professionals. 

Learning objectives:

  • Describe key elements of good animal welfare for dogs and cats
  • Explain what enrichment is and why it is good for welfare
  • Understand the role of the nose and vomeronasal organ for dogs and cats
  • Discuss the role of play in animal welfare and the human-animal bond
  • Appraise the actions of the person in play and how to get increased engagement from pets
  • Propose tips for successfully introducing food puzzle toys to pets

CEUs: CCPDT 0.5 CEUs for dog trainers and 0.5 CEUs for behaviour consultants.
PPAB: This is approved for 1 CEU.

An introduction to cat behaviour

Zazie Todd PhD

Cats are often seen as mysterious creatures, but there's a lot we can do to understand cats better. This talk will cover essential information about cat behaviour, from the sensitive period for socialization to how to set up the cat’s environment and resources to help keep stress levels low. Cats have amazing noses and we will look at the role of chemical signals (including the use of synthetic pheromones). We will also look at how to read feline body language and in particular, how to recognize signs of stress.  Training cats is becoming increasingly popular so we’ll consider how to train a cat and look at what are the most useful things to teach them. You will gain a better general understanding of cat behaviour as well as specific tips for a happier cat and where to find resources if extra help is needed. Of interest to cat guardians as well as people who work with cats, including dog trainers who take dog-cat cases.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the timing and importance of the sensitive period for socialization in kittens
  • Describe the five pillars of a healthy environment for cats and assess how to implement them
  • Learn how to recognize signs of stress in cats
  • Recognize the best ways to train cats and prioritize training tasks such as cat carrier training
  • Evaluate when additional help is needed for cat behaviour and where to find it.

CEUs: CCPDT 0.5 CEUs for dog trainers and 0.5 CEUs for behaviour consultants.

How to Have Productive Behaviour Consults: Perspectives from Trainers and Guardians. 

Beth Sautins CTC. 

A successful behavior consult sets the tone for a positive trainer-guardian relationship. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to conduct a behavior consult that is productive and positive for both guardian and trainer. Topics include:

  • Finding a Good Fit for both Guardian and Trainer
  • Sharing Resources and Management Strategies
  • Get Prepared for the Initial Consult
  • Anatomy of a Productive Initial Behavior Consult
  • Creating a Detailed Management and Training Plan
  • Strategies for Follow-Up Sessions: Keep the Good Work Going

Learning Objectives for Trainers:

  • Client intake process design for maximum success.
  • The Structure a Productive Behavior Consult
  • The Importance of Listening Skills and Compassion
  • Using What You Learn from a Consult to Design an Efficient and Effective Training Plan
  • Client Communications and Follow-up Sessions

Calm, Cool and Collected: Helping Dogs go from Crazy and Wild to Mannered and Mild

Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A

Everyone—dog owners and dog professionals—are invited to join in for an hour-long session about jumping and pestering dogs presented by dog trainer Kristi Benson. In her hallmark inviting and funny tone, Kristi will discuss some easy-to-implement techniques to reduce jumping up, begging, mouthing and biting clothes, and mooching. If your dog is like a pogo stick at the door, jumping and mouthing, or begs at the table, there’s help!  Kristi will explore both the underlying “why” questions and then outline ways to prevent the worst offenses by setting your dog up for success, identifying and avoiding problem contexts, and even some easy training techniques you can use to start to change your dog’s behaviour. There will be links to free hand-outs for you to download as well. 

Learning objectives:

  •     Why dogs jump up.
  •     Easy techniques to train dogs to keep dogs off of guests at the door using positive reinforcement techniques.
  •     The role of exercise and enrichment to reduce pestering.
  •     How to fit exercise and enrichment into your already-busy schedule.
  •     Accidental reinforcement and begging, and what to do if that has been happening around your dinner table.
  •     Training techniques with proven history (training an alternate behaviour).
  •     Why and how to avoid corrections when working with energetic and jumping dogs.


Ask Me Anything

with Zazie and Kristi

In this recorded Q&A, Zazie and Kristi will answer your questions about dog and cat behaviour, the best ways to train dogs and cats, writing, getting a book deal, growing up with or without pets... all depending on what you ask! You will have the chance to submit questions in advance and will receive the recording to watch later. Ask those burning questions you have about dogs and cats! You can submit questions at any time but we'll remind you as the event draws close. 

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CEU and Event Policy

Most webinars are eligible for CEUs from CCPDT, PPAB, and/or IAABC (pending). For more information on claiming CEUs, please see the FAQ for The Pawsitive Post

If you arrive late for a webinar and missed the first code word for CEUs, please don't ask about it; you'll be able to get it from the recording. The second code word will be given out later in the recording.

We take a register of attendance at events. Please note that webinars (and some other events) are recorded and the recordings will be made available to subscribers. 

If you have questions or want to suggest particular organizations that you are interested in CEUs from, please get in touch. 

We are a friendly, respectful community and expect participants to behave in ways that reflect the friendly, professional, and diverse nature of our community. 

We reserve the right to make changes if necessary (e.g. to reschedule due to illness or unforeseen events). 

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