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By Zazie Todd, PhD

Three months ago, I launched my premium newsletter, The Pawsitive Post. 

Here are some of the stories I’ve covered in the newsletter in that time:

  • How being a good dog trainer is all about being a good feeder
  • How to train your cat to use an asthma inhaler
  • The signs of heat stroke in dogs—and how exercise is a little known but common cause
  • How changing your cat’s food or increasing play might make them hunt less
  • Whether all dogs can learn new words or if some (like Chaser) are especially gifted.

And that’s just a small selection of the content (every issue is packed with tips and science and has a reading time of 12-14 minutes). Upcoming issues will look at how to help senior cats, the results of 30 years of Breed Specific Legislation in the UK (and why animal charities want to see an end to it), the relationship between a child's activity and dog behaviour, and a whole lot more.

On top of that, there’s a webinar, event or recording every month. In September, there will be not one but TWO webinars (and yes, CEUs are available). And if you can’t attend live you can get the recording. Right now, new subscribers get access to two webinar recordings (one on enrichment and one on how to find inspiration for writing about pets). 

A list of upcoming webinars on dogs and cats at The Pawsitive Post

Plus, all new subscribers get The Happy Pet Challenge, my five week email course with five fun activities to do with your pet and five mini-lessons for you to learn about the importance of enrichment (and how to get it right). 

Of course, all this great content comes at a price. And the price for new subscribers will go up on 1st September. Sign up by 31st August to lock in the founder rate.

You can get more info and sign up to The Pawsitive Post here

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