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An exciting new offering from Companion Animal Psychology for people who want (even) happier pets.

Introducing The Pawsitive Post.  The newsletter graphic is pictured.

By Zazie Todd, PhD

I love it when I hear that something I wrote helped someone with their pet. Maybe they had a better understanding of their pet's body language, they tried a new technique or enrichment activity--or they realized the importance of using reward-based training methods. 

I've been working on a way to get even more high-quality information out to people, and to give readers like you the chance to ask me questions about animal behaviour and welfare. I am really excited about this and I think you will be too! 

And now it's time to share the details of this new project from me along with my friend and colleague--and Special Correspondent to Companion Animal Psychology--Kristi Benson. 

Do you want to:

  • Learn more about dog and cat behaviour?
  • Feel more confident about reward-based training?
  • Get access to exclusive online events and recordings?
  • Discover cool new science—and how it relates to the pets in your life?
  • Get inspiration for blog posts, social media, or other creative endeavours?
  • Learn how to build a better relationship with your dog or cat?

Then you'll love The Pawsitive Post!

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The Pawsitive Post is a premium newsletter (with benefits) from me, Zazie Todd PhD--author of the award-winning book Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy--with additional content by Kristi Benson CTC PCBC-A. 

As a bonus, everyone who signs up will get my free five week email course, The Happy Pet Challenge. Complete five different fun activities with your dog or cat and read five lessons on what the activity tells us about how to have happy cats and dogs. 

Plus, you'll get my free handout, Kickstart your creativity, to inspire you to write, journal, photograph, paint, craft, or otherwise be creative about your pet.

Subscribe to The Pawsitive Post here. 

Tell me more about The Pawsitive Post

The Pawsitive Post publishes twice a month, on the first and third Wednesday, and will go straight to your inbox. In every issue you'll get great writing and trusted information about dog and cat behaviour, training, and welfare--designed to help you have a happier pet.

Here's what was in the first issue:

  • Do people who do agility with their dogs get more exercise overall than those who do e.g. obedience?
  • What are the signs of separation anxiety in cats?
  • How can pet guardians help their dog and/or cat at the vet?
  • Pawsitive Picks—my picks from around the web
  • Science corner
  • Why being a lazy dog trainer can be a good thing
  • Being a snack feeder not a pack leader
  • A writing prompt to tie in with our first online event
  • And the very first personal column from me, The Peppercorn (named after Pepper).

And those benefits I mentioned? Every month there will be an online event or recording to share with you, from webinars by Zazie and special guests, to Q&As and virtual coffee. Come and be part of a community of animal lovers--or wait and watch the recording. You can see the current Pawsitive Post schedule of events here.  

And I'd love to see your photos from the Happy Pet Challenge on social media with the hashtag #HappyPetChallenge

Are there any BIPOC scholarships?

Yes! There is a limited number of scholarships for BIPOC/BAME people (US/UK terminology) who will get The Pawsitive Post at 50% off for the first 12 months. To apply, email zazie at companionanimalpsychology dot com to say that you are interested. 

The scholarships are first come, first served and recipients’ names will be included in a future issue of The Pawsitive Post. 

Praise for Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy

"It’s not just about having a well-trained dog – it’s also about having a happy dog and strengthening the bond you share. In reading this book, you will truly benefit from Zazie’s impeccable research, sound knowledge and immense love of dogs." 

Pam Johnson-Bennett, best-selling author of Think Like a Cat

 “Beautifully written and meticulously researched, Wag brings the latest and best science on dog welfare, behavior, training and health to bear on the paramount topic for all of us interested in dogs: their happiness.  Required reading.” 
Jean Donaldson, Academy for Dog Trainers

Wag: the Science of Making Your Dog Happy is one of the most comprehensive and engaging books about dog behavior that you will ever read.”
Victoria Stilwell, Celebrity dog trainer and host of It’s Me or the Dog

And if you're as excited about this as I am, please share with your friends and family!

The small print

You can choose to attend events live or wait for the recordings. A link to the recording will be shared in The Pawsitive Post issue following the event. (The coffee mornings will not be recorded).

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