Companion Animal Psychology has moved

…Emails, that is. Make sure you’re still on the list.

Companion Animal Psychology has moved. Photo of a cute Siberian puppy near some cedars to get your attention.
Photo: Julissa Helmuth/Pexels

If you’re an existing email subscriber, you will have received a message from me yesterday (19th April) to let you know about our new email service. Because the emails are coming from a different email address, if you don’t see it you may need to look in your spam folder (or search for my name, Zazie), and move it to your inbox. Or, you can add me to your safe senders list.

The email also included details of how to join the two book groups on Facebook. If you’ve applied to join but not yet been admitted to the group(s), make sure you put the passcode as your answer to the written question (instead of an actual answer).

The change was necessary because Google is deprecating the Feedburner email service that I have used for subscribers for all these years. This is the last message you will get on the old subscription service.

If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to join almost 5,000 animal lovers, you can sign up here



P.S. My public-facing email address remains companimalpsych at gmail dot com.

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